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MALBEC WORLD DAY: we will celebrate it on April 14th, 2016, from 6.30pm at Club Lusitano, 27 Floor, 16 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

Warning to Travelers on bringing stunning devices into Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Governemnet reminds that:

Possession of stunning devices is governed by the Hong Kong laws and is a serious offence, because stunning devices are defined as “arms” under the Hong Kong laws. Offenders are liable to a fine and/or imprisonment.

The Hong Kong authorities are strict with the enforcement of the said Ordinance. All hand-carried and checked in luggage of passengers are subjected to security screening in the airport terminals; this applies to...


Requirements to enter Macau


Please visit this link to see the requirements to enter Macau.



Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular

Palacio San Martin